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StaticEcho's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 24 (From 7 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 775 Points

Escape Pico's Mansion

The Secret Room Unlocked 9/11/10
10 Points
Find the Secret Room
Die Unlocked 9/11/10
25 Points
Really? That's even possible?
Master Thief Unlocked 9/11/10
25 Points
Who's going to need a diamond anyway?
Gluttony Unlocked 9/11/10
50 Points
Get all the candy.
Escape! Unlocked 9/11/10
100 Points
You've gotten out and can go back to trick-or-treating!
Money Maker 10 Points Money won't buy back the time you wasted.

Medals Earned: 5/6 (210/220 points)

Escape Pico's School

Seriously? Unlocked 10/9/10
5 Points
Why would you even bother clicking on it?
Spare Time 10 Points The credits are over, why are you still walking?
What's That Smell? 25 Points You've successfully gotten into the janitor's closet!
Fire Starter 50 Points You've successfully started the fire to distract the principle!

Medals Earned: 1/4 (5/90 points)

Escaping the Prison

lol brawl reference Unlocked 8/13/10
5 Points
Legal Ending Unlocked 8/11/10
25 Points
Break out the legal way.
Badass Ending Unlocked 8/11/10
50 Points
Break out the badass way.
Sneaky Ending Unlocked 8/11/10
50 Points
Break out the Sneaky Way
DONUT WANT! 100 Points ...or do you?
Lots of Effort 100 Points Find all 18 FAILs.
BRAAAGGGHH!! Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 4/7 (130/340 points)

Killer Escape 2

Big Clicker Unlocked 8/24/13
25 Points
Complete using less than 500 clicks
Game Completed Unlocked 8/24/13
50 Points
Complete the game
Speed Runner Unlocked 8/24/13
50 Points
Complete game in under 6 minutes
Inquisitive 10 Points Ask the computer 20+ questions
Pokey Piranha 25 Points Poke the piranha 50+ times
Don't Watch Me 50 Points Destroy all 5 cameras
Secret Finder 50 Points Find all 6 notes and the secret notes!
Efficient Clicker 100 Points Complete using less than 200 clicks
High Scorer 100 Points Score 1,000,000+

Medals Earned: 3/9 (125/460 points)

Madness Hydraulic

Survivor Unlocked 10/1/10
50 Points
Survive 40 rounds.
Lone Wolf 100 Points Do it without turrets.

Medals Earned: 1/2 (50/150 points)

My First Quantum Trans.

The Final Frontier Unlocked 9/19/10
25 Points
Beat the game and get the normal ending.
Out Now for the PS3!!! 10 Points Get the best ending using the secret unlocked in 'The Jar Does Nothing!'
The End???? 10 Points ??????
The Jar Does Nothing! 10 Points Get the best ending using the secret unlocked in 'Promise Kept'
Promise Kept 25 Points Beat the game and get the best ending.
Enough McChickens to Feed a Small Village Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 1/6 (25/130 points)

Reimagine :The Game:

Finding Out Who Your REAL Friends Are Unlocked 5/30/11
5 Points
Share this game! Your REAL friends will weep for you.
Too Soon, Finish Late Unlocked 5/30/11
25 Points
Survive Earthquakes The Game for 30 seconds.
Unzipping in the No-Fly Zone Unlocked 5/30/11
25 Points
Finish one third of the levels.
Charged With Battery Unlocked 5/30/11
50 Points
Finish two thirds of the levels.
The End The Game Unlocked 5/30/11
100 Points
Finish all the levels... Oh, but that's JUST the levels!
Death By Slow Internet 10 Points Get 1000 points on the Preloader game. YOU MONSTER
Baby I Was Born To Survive 25 Points Pass Lady Gaga The Game without dying.
BWOOOOONG 25 Points Complete Inception The Game in under 30 seconds.
Not That Dying On Lost MEANS Dying On Lost 25 Points Pass LOST THE GAME (haha) without dying.
So Vivid And Intense 25 Points Pass Rainbows The Game without dying.
Viewer Number 301 25 Points Complete Youtube The Game in under 15 seconds.
EVERYONE IS YOU 100 Points Unlock EVERYTHING. Now, you can play the game as your OWN character. SUCCESS.

Medals Earned: 5/12 (205/440 points)

Spike: A Love Story Too

Afternoon Unlocked 1/2/13
5 Points
You're over the hump!
Morning Unlocked 1/2/13
5 Points
You made it through the morning shift!
Rebound Unlocked 1/2/13
5 Points
You've learned the fine art of the rebound. Or just got lucky.
Six Pointer Unlocked 1/2/13
10 Points
You got your first 6 point hit! We're so proud!
Survived Five 5 Points You've survived through 5 mascots. OK.
End of the Day 10 Points You made it! Now time for be-ew-ti-ful dreams.
Ten Down 10 Points You're getting up there!
Don't Talk to the Monsters 25 Points Perfect in the monster challenge
Keep on Smashing 25 Points You smashed 50 guys in one game sitting! That's a lot!
Dummy Challenge 50 Points You got mad points with little to work with!
Security is Nice 50 Points You completed employment mode with 100% security!
Twenty is Plenty 50 Points You survived 20 psychotic mascots! You're a spiking GOD.

Medals Earned: 4/12 (25/250 points)